A Utility Rich Deflationary Token Connecting Digital Assets To The Real World

Unlocking Your Financial Freedom

Our Project & Ecosystem

SENOA is a North American technology company in the crypto space with a passion for Decentralized Finance. The SENOA team are considered visionaries by peers alike, and the SENOA token has groundbreaking tokenomics in place where the token is backed by incredible utility standards.

As a leader in the industry, we are pionering to create an all around better security, utility and ultimately profitability for our community.

Our Pillars
DeFi Decentralized Finance
  • Financial Freedom & Opportunities
  • Access to various assets 
  • Self Regulated
  • Applications and platforms
  • Increase profitability
  • Increases SNO buying pressure
  • Tokenomics
  • Redistribution
  • Monetization increases deflation
  • Digital & real world assets
  • 25% Crypto Supply - Grow Fund
  • 25% NFT Supply - Grow Fund
  • 4% Token Transaction Fee - Grow fund
  • Governance & Transparent

Own Your Share in the Next DIGITAL Revolution

Token Economics

  • 38% Exchanges & Utility
  • 25% Treasury - DAO
  • 10% Presale
  • 10% Burn - After Presale
  • 8% Team
  • 5% Marketing & Development
  • 2% Bounties/ Airdrops
  • 2% Investors
Token Distribution
  • Chain: PulseChain
  • Name: Senoa
  • Symbol: SNO
Max Supply 1,000,000,000,000
SNO 1 Trillion
IEO 0.000040
  • Digital Asset Allocation: Community Driven
  • Real World Assets: Community Driven
Fair Distribution

Senoa Token

  • Store of value
  • Transactional currency
  • Deflationary supply
  • Community Driven

SNO Protocol Treasury

  • 25% SNO token supply
  • Up to 4% transaction fee
  • Utility profits
  • Community staking

Senoa Transaction Fees

  • 4% Grows Treasury
Peace of Mind

Senoa allocates 25% of its Max SNO Supply and up to 4% Transaction Fee to continually acquire digital & real-world assets as a hedge against the risk of contingent or uncertain loss through its DAO.


Quarterly Filing

Operational transparency through quarterly filing


Business parameters can be adjusted through the democratic governance


Increases deflation & rarity through monetization and transaction fee

Senoa Protocol

Digital and real-world assets protect holders from contingent or uncertain loss

Revenue Share

Senoa allocates up to 100% profits from its utility based applications and platforms to the community treasury

Staking Rewards

Community can stake their SNO holdings and earn passive rewards

Products & Services

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Senoa allows content creators to design and monetize their work through Senoa social marketplace
  • Become a content creator
  • Buy, Sell, Trade, Bid
Senoa allows our users to access illiquid assets like Gold through our NFT Protocol
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Buy, Sell, Trade and Store your metals
  • Ship Grams or Ounces of Gold to your location
Senoa connects our community to the coolest NFT products available online.
  • Buy, Sell, Trade
  • Ship directly to your location
You can grow your wealth with NFT real estate by acquiring carefully selected, fully vetted real estate projects around the world
  • Buy, Sell, Trade
  • Time sharing
  • Cash Flow Profit Sharing

Our Team

Daniel B. Executive Director

Successful serial entrepreneur with incredible business track record creating businesses with Million dollar sales.

James E. Director of Finance

Over 40 years experience launching startups, Finance, ICO advisory, NASDAQ IPO and international exchanges.

Wendy A. Director of Social Experience

Extensive background in client building relations, social media management and effective communications in launching ICO projects. Expert in graphics designing.

John D. Director of Sale & Marketing

Over 20 years of successful business development experience in the US and Asia. A former consultant to the United Nations Financing for Development Committee.

Elisabeth B.Executive Director

Business Consultant & Strategist, Marketing Expert & Passionate CryptoPreneur. On a mission to educate the masses on everything crypto, and create new exciting platforms. Background & over 15 years of experience in business development, operations, and marketing.

Ashley B. Community Outreach

Developed a love and passion for people in the retail sector. Currently owns and operates her own beauty business for women and is very driven by the world of crypto. Ashley is looking forward to spearheading Senoa’s community outreach and onboarding new talent.

Strategic Partners & Consultants
Brian H. Operations Consultant

Over 25 years of experience in real estate management, tech startups, product development, merchandising, and patent processes.

Community Services

Senoa EcoSystem

Senoa Network

Users join the Senoa network for free and can add, delete, chat, share & receive content and access our knowledge base from content creators and influencers.

Content Creators

Our content creators are carefully vetted and elected to help allocate resources more efficiently for users. Whether you are new to the industry or a crypto currency enthusiast.

Fractional Ownership

Senoa allows users to access real-world assets through Fractional Ownership. Eliminates the barriers of high minimum investments. Users stake in equity crowdfunding tied to NFT.

Senoa Protocol

Senoa reserves 25% of the total Senoa token supply and up to 4% of daily volume transactions to procure digital and real-world assets. Community assets create peace of mind and act as hedges against the risk of contingent or uncertain loss.

Senoa Social

  • Connect with Content Creators
  • One to One & Group Messaging
  • Digital & Real World Opportunities
  • Smart Push Notifications
  • Complete Anonymity
  • Knowledge Base & Learn
Launching Soon!

Senoa Community is purposely built to have a socially influenced economic incentives model that aligns with the governance of asset opportunities.

Senoa streamlines a framework for Defi liquidity access, and the ability for any business to collateralize their assets.